Clinical trials save lives

The next stage is a more extensive clinical trial in Australia. The objective of this trial is to evaluate the effectiveness of the vaccine with a larger number of volunteers. Initially we will confirm that the vaccine stimulates a population of white blood cells, called T cells, which we know are capable of killing the parasite. If the T cells are stimulated by the vaccine, the volunteers will be given a live malaria infection to evaluate how the immune  system controls the growth of the parasite. This will allow us to build a comprehensive data package that will be critical in gaining  various approvals for further testing of the vaccine in malaria endemic countries.

We need your help

The Malaria Vaccine Project Committee intends to fund this clinical trial in Australia by raising $500,000. An amount of $305,000 has already been raised following the official launch of the Malaria Vaccine Project by His Excellency the Governor general, Sir Peter Cosgrove on 27 March 2017.

Raising the first half of the target amount had enabled planning for this clinical trial to begin late 2017. The balance of the target amount will enable the clinical trial to be continued in 2018.

Clinical trials in malaria endemic countries

A subsequent goal is to test the vaccine in a malaria endemic country with Papua new Guinea and Uganda as possible candidates. Malaria is highly endemic in these countries and we have excellent collaborative networks in both countries to facilitate these future trials

However these trials will require additional funding and will be subject to further approvals before proceeding.

How to Donate

Every donation helps, small or large donations of any amount can be made as a one off donation or fortnightly, monthly, annually or biannually. A tax deductible receipt will be sent to you.

For online donations click here…….

By cheque payable to:
Development of a Malaria vaccine
PO Box 84
Southport QLD 4215
(for receipting purposes please include name, address and post code)

Thank you, your help will be greatly appreciated!!

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