Newsletter Edition 9 March 2021

It is a pleasure to commend the first of four Newsletters for 2021 to all Rotarians, sponsors, donors and supporters of the Malaria Vaccine Project. With the rollout of COVID 19 vaccines underway, there is a much more positive outlook for Rotary clubs and our Project. This heightened expectation is captured by our very special Newsletter Committee and by the much appreciated contributors of moving stories in this issue.

You will appreciate Professor Good’s scientific discussion of his “whole parasite vaccine” and his plans for key research activities this year. All this is possible because of the $1, 220,000 that has been donated by you to this research. I say THANK YOU!

We wish you all a great year in 2021 and please continue to support the Malaria Vaccine Project. Join us in being saviours for all malaria sufferers especially those half-a-million young children and pregnant women who die of malaria every year. They long for Professor Good’s vaccine like we have for the COVID vaccines.


Please continue to support our endeavour for a Malaria-Free-World

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