How Malaria compares to Covid-19

Professor Michael Good AO was recently asked how Malaria compares to Covid-19 as he works on both vaccines.  The best answer to that question he said is that both are tragic diseases and vaccines and cures are needed for both.  He watches in awe as the world has invested many billions, perhaps trillions, of dollars and in a very short time has developed life-saving vaccines and drugs for Covid-19, he is so happy about that.  But does get a tear when he thinks of the millions of children in Africa and the many other tropical places that he has visited and worked in who, along with their mothers and fathers, would like just a chance for good health and to grow and achieve their dreams.  The WHO (World Health Organisation) reported last year that 627,000 of these young people lost that chance due to malaria, a huge toll of suffering!

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