Newsletter Edition 15 September 2022

During the last three months the Malaria Vaccine Project has continued to receive wonderful support from donors and friends like you as well as some amazing gifts. One of these is a personal gift from a long-standing supporter Ray James and the other from a Private Global Trust who wish to remain anonymous. You will read more about these in the Newsletter.

As a result of all of this graceful giving the Malaria Vaccine Project has now raised over $1,900, 000. You can imagine what a huge effect this has had not only on our research team but on all the hard-working members of our Committee. They all join me in saying a sincere THANK YOU to everyone. You will read how this money is being utilised in several articles on the vaccine development and the malaria researchers.

If, with your help, we can reach our Project 22 target of $300, 000 for this year, we will also reach a total of $2 million and the end of the preliminary studies of the field-deployable vaccine will be assured. Thank you for being part of our common goal to eliminate malaria and to save the lives of the more than 600,000 children who die from it every year.

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Please continue to support our endeavour for a Malaria-Free-World

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