Newsletter Edition December 2022

This is my final Newsletter greeting as Chair of the Malaria Vaccine Project. While there is a touch of sadness in handing over the baton, there is tremendous joy in what we have been able to achieve with your incredible support and generosity.

There is joy on two fronts: (a) Professor Good and his team have progressed PlasProtecT® to the stage that it will complete preliminary studies by the end of 2023, and (b) we have raised $2.4 million, enough to fund all those preliminary studies. You will read about both these achievements in the attached December Newsletter as well as many other items of interest on both the scientific research and the fundraising.

Thank you for being part of our common goal to eliminate malaria and to save the lives of the more than 600,000 children who die from it every year!

Seasons Greetings to you all!

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Please continue to support our endeavour for a Malaria-Free-World

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