How the new mozzie emoji can create buzz to battle mosquito-borne disease Mosquitoes are coming. The Unicode Consortium has just announced that alongside your smiling face – or perhaps crying face – emoji you’ll soon be able to add a mosquito in Facebook. Read more……..


International travellers could be at risk of malaria infection in 91 countries around the world, mainly in Africa, Asia and the Americas. Each year, WHO (World Health Organisation) releases International Travel and Health, a comprehensive and up-to-date guide regarding the prevention and treatment of all diseases potentially affecting travellers. The publication is aimed at health practitioners and … More THINKING OF TRAVELLING!!


A very generous donation from The Reuben Pelerman Benevolent Foundation plus a couple of smaller donations made the committee very happy just before the Christmas holidays, bringing our donations to $290,000 getting us even closer to the target of $500,000. Thank you again to our very generous supporters of the Malaria Vaccine Project Good news … More GOOD NEWS!!


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News on the planning process for the clinical trial!

As the Malaria Vaccine Project has now raised over $200,000 this means Dr Michael Good and his team at Griffith University, Institute for Glycomics can now commence the planning process for the clinical trial and undertake the test of the first dose of the vaccine. The vaccine, PlasProtecT, is made by culturing malaria parasites and then … More News on the planning process for the clinical trial!


Captain Jack Olsson Jack Olsson tells of his Army experience as a Troop Commander in the 2/8th Field Artillery Regiment during his service in Borneo 1944-45, where mosquitoes reigned supreme! To be protected from malaria all troops were required to take Atebrin tablets each day under strict supervision. These tablets however were not a cure but at best a suppressive. At … More JACKS STORY!