Our Vision is a world completely free from the scourge of Malaria.

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise the funds necessary to enable research to be undertaken for the development and approval of a vaccine against malaria and following its approval to provide that vaccine to all at risk peoples in the malaria affected parts of the world.

Who we are

The malaria vaccine project is a partnership between Rotary District 9640 and the Institute for Glycomics at Griffith University on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. The malaria vaccine project is registered by Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) under the sponsorship of the Rotary Club of Southport. Registration of the project has been done under one of the three stated purposes of RAWCS namely the Rotary Australia Benevolent Society (RABS).Pursuant to this registration donations to the project are tax deductible as RAWCS has DGR status with the Australian Taxation Office. The Project is endorsed by Rotarians against Malaria (RAM).


The Malaria Vaccine Projectis managed on behalf of the two partners by a Committee of 14 persons representing the two partners in the Project.


Acting through the Committee the Project has the power to:

  1. Raise Funds for

(a) Research into the development of a vaccine;

(b) Clinical trials required for Governmental approval of the vaccine; and

(c) Vaccination of all peoples at risk in malaria affected countries.

  • Appoint a Patron or Patrons to assist its operations.


Decisions of the Committee will as far as possible be taken by consensus.

If a vote is required it will be resolved in favour of the majority.

If the vote is tied the Chairman has a casting vote.


The Committee is responsible to and reports to the two partners. All monies donated to the Project will be paid into an account established for the Project by RABS. Statements of funds received will be supplied by RABS to the Committee on a monthly basis. The Project is required pursuant to its registration to report on its activities to RABS every six months and to keep operational records.

RABS will forward funds for the research to the Institute for Glycomics from time to time in accordance with RABS’ rules governing the registration of the project.

Approved by the Rotary Club of Southport, Rotary District 9640 and the Institute for Glycomics on the 1st day of May 2017.n